01) Rounds:
- round 1: 2 minutes
- round 2: 2 minutes
-hikewake: round 3: 2 minutes
-hikewake: 1 minute encho sen

There are 3 judges during every match throughout the whole tournament.

02) The matted area for the fights shall be in the ring.
03) No protection is allowed other than groin guard (toque) and a mouthpiece must be worn.               
Women only cups, NO SHIELD.
04) A participant only wins by knock-down, knock-out or by appointment by the referees.
05) Techniques allowed:
-    Punches and elbows to the body
-    Knee techniques to the body, legs and head
-    Kicks to the body, legs and head
-    Throwing- and sweeptechniques followed by an authorized technique
-    Grabbing the opponent for a split second is allowed for throwing techniques or kneetechniques.

06) Prohibited techniques : leads to Hansoku (official warning) and Shikakku (disqualification).
-    Any attack to opponents head, face, groin or neck with open hand, fist or any part of the arm.
-    Kicks to the groin, straight kicks to the kneecap
-    Head thrusts or butts
-    Any attack to an opponents backspinea
-    Strikes or kicks to a downed opponent, unless the attack or strike immediately follows a sweep or downing technique, in which case there is no contact allowed
-    no-one may attack while opponent is down
-    Failing to obey the referees instructions during a match
-    Frequently retreating from or out the contest area or moves that waste time
-    Persistent bad behavior or violence.

07) Minimum age of the participants must be 18 years.
08) This competition is for men and women.
09) This competition is open for any grade or style.
10) Rules can be adjusted during the competition.
11) Only two persons are allowed at the ring area during the fight in trainingssuit without headgear like baseballcap etc.
12) It is NOT allowed to enter the sporthal and /or the ring with national symbols (country flag) and/or symbols of religion.

The championship will be held on march 18th 2018 and is open for all styles regardless of degree and organization.

Date: Sunday March 18th 2018
Place: Sporthal Hellas
Address: Laan van Poot 353, The Hague
Start: 12.00 hrs. Hall opens at 11.00 hrs

Weighing: Sunday March 18th, 2018, 10.00 hrs till 11.00 hrs (with passport/ID card)
Place: Sporthal Hellas, Laan van Poot 353, The Hague

Referee: Every participating country is allowed to send one referee.
Referee must wear black trouser. Poloshirt will be provided by the Kamakura organization

Fighter/Coach fee: All fighters free entry (2 coaches free entry, 1 referee free entry)
Per weight-division there is a maximum of 4 fighters per dojo/country        
Foreign participants: think about your VISA!!!!!!!

There will be fights in the next categories:    
Men: -75 kg, -85 kg, +85 kg
Women: -65 kg, +65 kg
Think about your weight!!

You have to return the subscription form to the following address:

Kamakura, P.O. Box 611, 2280 AP Rijswijk, The Netherlands
or mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kancho Gordeau
Honbu Kamakura